picasso vol1


a life of picasso: volume i 1881-1906 <1991> john richardson \ this is the first of three volumes | rating:  ππππ

unlike van gogh, picasso lived to old age and to see fame & fortune / his longevity & i suppose, celebrity, has allowed him & his handlers to indulge in changing little details of history \ these are sometimes pointed out by the author who was also the artist’s friend / and makes you wonder which ones the author allowed to be “revised” \ as a reader, i am bit wary / it is less egregious to misinterpret first hand accounts <for example, letters & correspondence were the basis for van gogh’s biography by naifeh & white> than to knowingly change “truths”

but in the overall scheme of things, this is an authoritative and supremely interesting & exhilarating book / it places the reader in picasso’s milieu as he develops his genius in the early years \ inspirations, influences <such as el greco, gauguin, cezanne> & motivations for picasso’s work are described & there are a lot of pictures / this volume covers his life up to the time when he formulates les demoiselles d’avignon which is recognized as his breakthrough work \ les demoiselles is considered seminal to the development of cubism & modern art / and established picasso as the new leader of modern painting, a position he & matisse vied for

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