FullSizeRenderpaul gauguin: a life <1995> david sweetman | rating:  ππππ <there are not many pictures of his paintings in the book & just one photo of the man himself when he got married>

gauguin is the exemplar of the artist who “sacrifices” conventional life <he worked in finance!> to develop & express his art \ he was a trailblazer & influenced modern artists such as picasso / gauguin’s fusion of western & non-western ideas, created while living in tahiti, was original & innovative \ as an artist, he gets high points from me but as a fellow human being, i am aghast / his predilection for young tahitian girls, 13-14 years olds, whom he took as child-brides is abominable \  the fact is he had syphilis & was surely transmitting it to his partners / the book is silent on this, no censure either

gauguin’s journey as an artist is inextricably linked with van gogh / it was during his stay at the “yellow house” in arles that the syphilitic & mentally ill van gogh mutilated his ear \ after van gogh’s death, gauguin in tahiti knew that news was circulating in paris of his shabby treatment of vincent / below is an interpretation of van gogh’s self-mutilation