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v838 monocerotis | starry night

“Starry Night,” Vincent van Gogh’s famous painting, is renowned for its bold whorls of light sweeping across a raging night sky. Although this image of the heavens came only from the artist’s restless imagination, a new picture from NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope bears remarkable similarities to the van Gogh work, complete with never-before-seen spirals of dust swirling across trillions of miles of interstellar space.”


“It is the purpose of this paper to show that the probability distribution function (PDF) of luminance fluctuations in some impassioned van Gogh paintings, painted at times close to periods of prolonged psychotic agitation of this artist, compares notable [sic] well with the PDF of the velocity differences in a turbulent flow as predicted by the statistical theory of Kolmogorov.”


van gogh exhibit in pittsburgh until 7/6/15

and a very cool video: