how to make peeps rowers

how to make peeps rowerscrew & shell:

8 peeps snowmen – rowers

1 peeps red velvet chick – cox

8 red & white striped paper straws

8 wooden holiday gift tags

long & skinny decorative container, preferably metal

peep snowmen are sitting on decorative green glass stones

red duct tape

  • attach gift tag <blade> to straw <oar> with duct tape
  • arrange peeps rowers in finish position = good layback, strong finish!
  • put cox in position
  • arrange oars in port & starboard positions


cork board

dark & light blue acrylic paint

  • sketch waves on cork board with chalk
  • paint waves & borders of cork board
  • scumble to finish painting


two patagonia shirt packaging containers painted blue & black= pile

styrofoam packaging painted blue & black= deck

24 barbecue sticks painted black & 20 beads = hanger

holiday garland = arch

copper garland light

glue gun

blue & black acrylic paint

  • glue the pile & deck
  • place barbecue sticks in strategic places on the deck with blunt side into styrofoam
  • top pointed end of barbecue sticks with beads <krazy glue them>
  • arrange holiday garland to look like an arch <or suspension> bridge
  • arrange garland light to span bridge


peeps rowers celebrate the holidays: